Wednesday, September 26, 2012

uh, waiter, uh, get off of the phone!

Service personnel; Waiters, barkeeps, and bussers – for the most part I hate them all, but there are a few I must thank publically, for without them I would have never made it. Sammy (hands down #1 what she did to help me was not only life saving but completely selfless), Noelle (sunshine face), Alice (pastry extraordinaire) Kermet (spent 3 days unpaid painting and readying bluestar, I bought beer and pizza and we worked for 70 straight hours), Lindsay G. (what an amazing woman), D.J., Dan, Subic, Arielle, Shana, Guia twins (RIP Vicky), Weiner (my rock), English Jill, Haley, Melissa, Heather Who Dat, Van the incredible, Jake, Noel, Haley, Matt, Kelso, Weber, and both McElroys and along with this motley crew there are a handful of others that are great. With this I must mention a few that were less than fantastic servers but more than made up for it with attitude, drive, and trying really hard to get better. Lydia Popper, Stacy Ullman and J Flo (Jessica Flores) thanks for the great effort. Lydia went away on a soccer scholarship, stacy went away to school too and J Flo Runs cobble hill Brooklyn.
But for the most part, they suck, and they don’t have to. The problem is they don’t know their menu, because facebook is more important. You have worked here for 2 months and you don’t know what the seafood is in the chowder? REALLY??
I don’t just hire people and throw them into the fire, they train for 4-5 shifts and then get the annotated menu breakdown verbally from me of every single ingredient and technique, with a copy in front of them to follow along and take notes. 1-2 shifts helping me expedite while looking at the plates and a shift behind the bar, running ice and chilling beer. So by the time they get to you hopefully they have some idea what the spicy is in the jalapeno chorizo tater-tots. Or what makes the miso-honey sauce sweet. If you learn the menu and sell my food.... me love you long time. 
”you guys ready to get excited about some great food”  or “ive got some ridiculous specials tonight, chef worked on ‘em all day” (Melissa Klein would say that, she is a star)  that’s what I wanna hear my servers say, not “ready to order?” I work hard, I make this stuff so someone will buy it, so I can pay my bills allowing me to stay open and for you to have a job and pay your bills. YOU’RE AN ACTOR, RIGHT??  LETS SEE IT!! Act like you give a FUCK please. All in all, as a whole, I pity their job because they have to deal with YOU!  I choose to, they have to! WORSE THAN THAT, THEY DEAL WITH ME!  

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