Tuesday, September 25, 2012

im not your grandma

            Grandmas house – I appreciate your business and need your money to stay afloat, but lets get this straight, I’m not your grandma, I won’t stop what I’m doing and make u a grilled cheese in the middle of dinner service on a packed Friday night, because that’s what you want. I start writing my fall menu on the debut day the summer menu, so you see about 3 months of tasting, building and testing go into every dish I serve. I care, and I put every ounce of effort I have into making sure every bite is amazing. If you fancy yourself as the next Bobby Flay, go buy 2 squeeze bottles and go make a mess in your own kitchen. Until then, order what I’m serving, how it comes, how I’ve designed it, how hundreds of people have had it and loved it.  Or, go to your grandma’s house.

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