Friday, September 21, 2012

more from the book!    enjoy!!! 

They say medium rare while wanting a little pink inside. They order medium thinking its grey inside.
Let’s go thru this so you get it. Usually judging by the creativity of menu items and small details that you notice, you can tell if the chef has a clue or not.  If he does this is how he cooks
BLUE: super hot sear for 20 seconds a side, completely raw otherwise. ITS BLUE, NOT BLACK AND BLUE. Black and blue is used to describe meat that is “blackened” with spice in an iron skillet and served blue in temperature. So its blackened blue.
RARE: seared and cold inside.
MED-RARE: heavy sear and warm RED center.
 MEDIUM: hot REDISH PINK center. 
MED-WELL: equal thirds GREY-PINK-GREY.
WELL: grey throughout, not burned.
 For your own personal benefit and my sanity please inquire about your dish. Try to understand how something is prepared before you make an ass out of yourself in front of your new girlfriend’s parents during your first meeting. I promise if you order the lamb shank osso bucco rare or order the stuffed quail rare or God forbid the Yellowfin Tuna well done it will be your last date with her. 

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